Me and my housemate are both web developers, a year ago we worked on a project, to develop a website for a local football team. A couple of weeks after the release of the website, the team secretary messages us to let use know that the slideshow on the homepage isn’t working. Upon asking what browser he was using, we got an eye watering reply saying “Internet Explorer” ... like for real dude... this is is 2016, and your using IE, out of Chrome, Opera, Firefox and even at the very bottom there’s Edge... and you still use IE. 😭😭

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    IE 🤷‍♂️
    Try solving a bug only visible to some dumb ass that decided there Xbox was a suitable device for surfing the internet and making online purchases.

    I would have taken an IE issue yesterday 😂
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    had a customer the other day who said one specific site wouldn't load any more under Windows Vista. how do people still use that??
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