Don't you hate it when your team lead sucks and you know more about management and development than he does?

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    Still he outskills you in social engineering otherwise you'd have the job am I right
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    Only because he threw a fit saying it was time for him to move up. So I guess you could say that lol. @perotti
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    It's always easier said than done when you are not confronted with the same problems he is confronted with. Maybe he sucks maybe the higher ups around him are forcing him to do what they want.
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    The easiest thing in the world to do is criticise someone doing a job you’ve never done or aren’t doing.

    I’ve criticised many a boss over the years and as I’ve progressed in my career to have a lot of responsibility and lead large teams, I have realised it’s never as black and white and as clear cut as I would maybe like it to be.
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    @SSDD I've worked in management for 8 years and was very successful with my team of people. This guy has no idea what he's doing.
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