Having a non technical boss is such a pain. He thinks all the features should be a piece of cake. There should be a course in business departments where people will be taught how programming works.

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    I think it depends. My boss is a developer. But our collective boss is not. He's not even all that technical. But he trusts us to do what we say. And if we say it will take a week. He believes us, but says to shave time off if we can.
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    @Jase He is! He's a great dude. Countered by the fact my immediate superior (senior developer) is a tool most of the time.
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    That's what I am! :D commercial engineer <- like manglement but knows how to code!
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    Pretty much every PM at my job. "That'll only take like an hour right?"

    "Umm. It's an entire wordpress theme, so no?"
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