Stolen from Reddit

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    It’s so badly photoshopped
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    Yes. It is. That cute dog is doing the toughest job of migrating database.
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    Newsflash: Some companies kill animals so you can eat bacon.
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    Why would I care if companies test on animals? I want them to test their products on animals, so I surely know that they’re safe!
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    The original is much more hilarious... But I still think it's another Photoshop
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    @ribchinski that's not always true and some say it's not efficient in most of the cases. In term of medicine it's a long discussion but I believe modern science can produce alternative methods. But torturing animals and killing them for fucking makeup, cigarettes, perfume, stupid researches ... is fucking unacceptable.
    Sorry your comment triggered me so hard.
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    @haithamSboui In my opinion, if it is for research that can help us understand life better, and better our medicines, then I think it is completely acceptable to test on animals.
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    Meme aside, I really don't care?

    I find people's emotional attachment to laboratory animals very puzzling. Especially for things like... lotion and perfumes.

    It's not like they're determining the LD50 for Olay moisturizer on someone's household pet.
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    RAID uses animal testing??!?!?!!
    holy FUCK time to boycott
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    @Root In fact this the key problem, as long it's not a dog ,a cat or one of my pets that's been tortured people don't give a shit. It's kinda relative to human as long it's not my country,family or friend I don't care .
    Even if animals are not smart as we are but they're not stones to mess with .
    They live and feel just like we do and I'm sure no human can stand any of those tests .
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