I never used Windows 7 or 8, and I forget I am not playing Xbox each time I use Windows 10.

Compared to Vista, I am very impressed with Windows 7! It can still run VS 2017. I know, I'm a little late to the party.

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    The dot net 4.7.1 installer is still giving dial-up download estimates!
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    @thejohnhoffer even better, go to the start menu properties in the context menu and change that damned taskbar. Theres options to use properly sized buttons, uncompressed buttons, and not to group windows in the taskbar.
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    @monr0e the one true UI! Haha, I had forgotten the days I understood what the hell was on the task bar.

    Thank you!
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    @monr0e sweet thanks!
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    Same here, VS 2017 on 7, buy actually I was forced to do it, Windows 10 doesn't work well with my not so old hardware (random shutdowns without blue screen of death)
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