That one guy in the team,
Who builds things and knows stuff about the things he has built and doesn't document it :) doesn't document anything about it.

Fuck you man. Seriously, you need me to come everytime to you and ask you about it?

Fuck you.

Literally, Fuck You!

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    My tests is the documentation.

    Sillyness aside, i'm that guy.
    Well, don't get me wrong, i do write markdown docs & html api docs with examples that i push with my commits.

    But it seems it just isn't enough, hence why i just defer to my tests & eventually help em out writing it, thus being, that guy.
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    I've been working on my one-man team, writing all this documentation that probably no one will ever open. I've tried showing it around, nobody gives a fuck. But maybe I should keep doing it, maybe some day someone will come to inherit my software and be happy.
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    If you need docs to understand there are probably two problems or more:

    1. He's not writing code for the team.

    2. He's not writing code for the team.

    3. Definitely 1 & 2
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    Literally (smirk).
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    I know the type, in my last job the senior support analyst was like this.

    To be fair he had been doing the job a long time and knew his stuff, but getting him to share his knowledge was like trying to pull hens teeth.

    Pretty sure he only did it to make himself look important
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