Started a new job today.
They gave me a Mac.

Why in actual fuck is there no shortcut for the terminal? Took me half a day to get an iterm hotkey working only to find out it only works if you have a terminal open already.

Stupid apple. I want my mod+enter back.

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    Well, the closest you can get is probably CMD + SPACE and typing 'term' and ENTER

    Not as convenient as a dedicated Shortcut, but after some time it is stored in muscle memory and works nearly as fast.
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    thats why I love Linux.
    MOD + enter = terminal
    MOD + ' = terminal cutting current space vertically
    MOD + / = terminal cutting current space horizontally
    MOD + shift + enter = terminal(screen)
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    Mac Users are considered to be stupid ! ,
    So they would use spotlight for everything!

    BTW does windows have!?
    I usually do " shift+ right clicked "
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    I configured iTerm2 that it slides down like yakuake when i press alt + space.
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    Just because it's not included by default doesn't mean it's not possible. Give Hammerspoon a shot, it's what I use for a global terminal shortcut (whether or not the app is already open).
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    I need this..... But on Windows... With bash.... But native....

    I don't mind Linux it's just that I'll have to learn the ins and outs of a whole new os... Like... Where the settings are.... Then, eventually, where the REAL settings are...ugh... Fine.... I'll slowly give it a go.
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    The best method I have found is slowly replacing all your software with software that'll run on Linux.
    That way when you do switch you don't have to learn as much. (though there is always something new to learn)
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