Jesus I can view 10000 lines of lorem ipsum without a problem but I cannot run 3 longer lines without getting 7fps ?!?!

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    Syntax colloring :p
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    use nano/vi(m)/emacs/any other text editor but gedit.

    I don't know why but gedit is just a pain in the butt and slow as hell on even computers with decent specs.

    If you want something similair to gedit use mousepad.
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    @Jifuna nah because I can view 3000+ line main.js file but I can't view a 3 long line map file
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    @rootshell gedit is actually one of the best I could find. it works great for everything else and isn't bloated (the reason I'm not really using IDEs). the only problem I have with it are long lines
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    VS Code.
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    @olback Already tried that. It's a bloated mess for me. It has useful features but it's not worth 7 fps.
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