Used Ubuntu for like more than a year now, liked its Unity DE. Now they have gnome, which is "meh" for me. So I moved to Kubuntu. (Also trying out Manjaro)
Omg KDE plasma is so awesome o.o it's a whole new world, I am amazed. And everything is working just fine! And it is beautiful.
So good!

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    for me, KDE has always been one of these things which looks kinda nice, but totaly sucks in usability and stability :D

    i am on xfce, but every now and then i try others in a vm to see what has changed over the time ...

    and i always come back to xfce because it is rockstable and minimalistic and comes with tons of options for customisation to be more productive.

    in the end ... the DE is like choosing android or apple. go with the one that suits you, that keeps you productive and that you like ... :)

    and welcome to devrant :)
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    KDE is nice,
    KDE Connect is cool
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    Kde connect has seriously surprised me. It just works and it's so easy...
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    @irene yes, it is one of the alternatives. And I am not saying that all of them I tried are crap :D

    I think, since Linux is that flexible and gives YOU the opportunity to choose the DE, then you should go with the one that works for you and your needs and how you use your system.

    And hey, if you don't have the need of a graphical DE ... You are served as well.
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