It all began with an advanture.

i was travelling through codeland and met all sort of nice creatures. C++ and Java were among my first encounters. C++ was geary (full of gears) and java was objected (sorry made up of objects). nice folks. was still wandering when a halous (great, a halo around) person appeared. it was the nice python.

he likes to take his meeters (people who meet him) on a fairic (fairy-like) ride, passing countless of flexible alleys, open (source?) spaces as well as honey falls (waterfall-like streams).

but something was odd, really odd, .... travelling. you could not walk in here you had to fly. fly fly fly. no foot touched the land. no android they said.

or they said you have to put on a pair of shoes called kivy. the shoes fit according to no fixed rule. sometimes they worked, sometimes no. another pair of shoes called sls4. it was nice but unfortunately was only half a shoe long on each feet.

python android is still a dream, a nice binding kept ridiculously in the egg. it is yet to hatch.

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