Ever had one of those moments when sites run by cunts (fuck you CNET) autoplays videos at 200% volume?

Use the extension called "Silent Site Sound Blocker" to make sure only whitelisted websites can play sounds.

Fuck yeah!

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    Thx for the hint!
    Sites like this make ne piss-angry...
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    Pretty much, yeah. My master volume is at 2% but they still manage to be too loud, so thanks for the tip!
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    @illusion466 I’d wager there’s money involved.
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    This feature is coming in Google Chrome 64 :

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    @HiddenP Goddamn yes!
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    This is the most aggravating thing in todays web scene in my opinion. I basically never revisit sites that do this.
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    Thanks I need that in my life! The thing I hate most is when I'm reading what I believe to be a harmless article but get interupted so leave the tab open. Then 3 hours later some video appears somewhere on the page with some guy telling me how much money I could make; working from home. Sneeky cunts!
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