Is there any statistical model which quite reasonably models human thinking ? I am thinking of a cricket simulator which may require that..

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    Behaviour trees? (Not exactly statistical but eh)
    Markov chains?
    Both pretty common in game AI.
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    @RememberMe I was looking for something similar . But i was expecting a statistical model / distribution which would determine the most chosen outcome..Like Gaussian distribution..But nevertheless these are great starting points ..Thank you very much.
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    If you can figure out what exactly is the kind of process you're modelling, then you can easily find a distribution that fits it.
    For example, random unrelated events like incoming telephone calls at an exchange can be modelled using exponential and gamma distributions.
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    @RememberMe ..Oh.. Excellent.. It seems i was too quick to comment about markov chain..Actually that will be the way to go i guess.. Btw is there any exisiting "beaten" track to implement "learning" AIs in game developement . I have 0 knowledge about game developement..So sorry if i am too blunt..
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    Inside the brain of an adult:

    (Optional) 1% : Intelligence
    29%: Stupidity
    70%: Probably porn

    Inside the brain of a kid:

    1% : Intelligence
    39%: Stupidity
    60%: Nothing?
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    @RedBorg How is that helpful for a cricket simulator ?? 😂😂😂
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    @aEEEdev throw that in AI
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