Has any of you reached a point that you want to resign from work because of a client?

We are dealing with a client at work that uses the app for prototyping instead of making designers create wireframe, imagine the amount of code to write,edit, remove, write it again and yet there is always something isn't right from the client point of view.

What is even worse backend guys screw the server and I am the one to be blamed for errors: 5xx
I even get blamed for error 400 (bad request) when that request passes tests but out of a sudden server returns 400, when you hit refresh the exact same moment of error and server decides to return data and stop throwing error 400.

I also get blamed for server fails to return data from a search endpoint, and if server throws 403 for a public endpoint.

This isn't a rant or getting out of my system but I need opinions, I've been working on this project for a year, with complete mess from either client or backend team, if any of you is instead of me, what would you do?

I'm not a complete guy either, but that situation is just beyond my abilities to handle.

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    What about the other things in your job? If that client and the backend team is the single thing that you don't like, then maybe ask for someone else to do this task. Otherwise it might not be a bad idea to go work somewhere else.
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    @Ederbit tbh what is also making me consider this, is it's been a year and I only worked on this project just moving stuff, fixing and prototyping. Tuesday I've built both Android and iOS but now it's like routine cuz most core code is done.

    What's making things worse a year passed and I learned nothing at work, but I've already changed job several times and all same shit: I'm the boss you do what I want even if it fucks up the system and you will be blamed for it.

    A bit lost cuz I don't want to go through changing again and can't waste another year of following orders instead of following requirements.
    By orders I mean: do this because I'm the boss and I want it that way!
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    @gitpush Seems that you have had bad luck finding quality employers... Maybe you should try something different. Either a bigger cooporation that takes care of their employees. :)
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    @Ederbit I guess so :\
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    If prototyping is one of the major issues you're facing because you're coding it, why not a non-working alternative?

    A prototype is supposed to be a non working interactive design, if thats the case, try tools like InVision App or Adobe XD both of which come with an "interactive viewer" that allows the client to navigate through the design and add their comments. If they need something changed you only have to change the design as opposed to recoding.
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    @uziiuzair it is worse and prototyping is one of the things that are making. I get blamed for 403, 500 errors when I'm only responsible for mobile apps.

    lets say they do prototyping, they request a feature, next week remove it, blame us for delay in x -> I get blamed, when I didn't even get that resource that I need for work to continue. I keep track of tasks in Sublime as notes, because the rest are lazy to put them for me on Jira and I barely have time.

    When I request the backend guy to help me out in those reported errors, they tell me ok, you 2 work together tomorrow, when tomorrow comes, that guy is overloaded with tasks from management, the same management that told me 2 work with that guy the nxt day :)

    I know clients are always like this, but when I work in this mess, that is a big no for me. Even though management never stood in my way, when I have exams or need to leave out of a sudden they don't stop me, but I don't know, work + mess = failure and headaches IMO
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