Does anyone else have a major problem with over thinking debugging or like the code to write in general?

I spent 10 minutes the other day reading over 6 lines of code only to realize 2 words were capitalized when they shouldn't have been.

Wednesday night, i was doing my CS homework. The question wanted me to swap variable values using a third variable. I stared at it for 30 minutes scratching my head. (I did Google it and read the notes I took.) And when I saw the solution, it was so simple that I face palmed really hard.

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    You aren't reading it right (not wrong, just too much into it). You're scanning the input & iterating over it & then putting into /dev/null instead of parsing it 🤓

    Happens to me too, reading something while thinking something else causes partial parsing & wtf moments.

    Clear your cache & Focus
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    @-psr I usually stop for 5 minutes or so and just play on my phone (I'm doing this in class usually) to think about it.
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