Why do some sites have the current year for birth dates? Is the person fresh out the womb registering for Facebook?

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    As if these steps are foolproof anyway... It's completely useless and a waste of time for everybody.

    If you must restrict your site, just put a simple "I am over X years old" button and move on.
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    @NGPixel I interpreted the tweet for those flash games that you have to create an account for. But I could be wrong.
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    @jhh2450 Same difference. My comment applies to any website or app that requests your age. It's pointless.
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    @NGPixel Legality purposes.
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    @jhh2450 Pretty sure a single button is more than enough for legal purposes.
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    @Floydian There for sure has to be some easy JS to determine "Ok, do our minimum age is 18. That means the person can be born in 1999/2000, so we need to start there." Sure as hell isn't rocket science lol
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    Yeah it's for marketing data collection purposes.
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    I've used an app where the date picker they used only allowed you to swipe back through the months one at a time from the present.

    It's a long way back to 1982...
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