The job market is lol

Graduated 9 months ago, working minimum wage jobs and applying to jobs, never getting an interview! I finally get a job in my field, and within my first week on the job I get calls for 4 interviews, all paying more than the job I took

On top of that my parents think my salary is way too low but beggars can't be choosers right

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    So apply to the other jobs that pay more. Gotta look out for yourself, no one else will.
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    @Christine well if the OP is any indication I'm well versed in looking for jobs
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    Make sure you check out the company of each job, so you don't end up choosing one that will go bust next week !
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    To be fair, your salary *is* too low, because they know they can exploit your lack of experience.

    Work that job at that low salary for a year or two. Work your ass off and learn everything you can. Extra hours, weekends just suck it up as part of your "boot camp" job.

    Then leave. Let them exploit you for pennies and exploit them for education in return. Don't stay more than a year, maybe two, then your resume can fetch TWICE what you make.

    Rince, repeat.
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    @stisch that's a great plan! And so far it's a great job so it might not be that painful
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