Recently I've been tasked with setting up of a small /mid-size infrastructure and I've been documenting things like infrastructure design, network configuration all the way to playbooks and cluster configuration.
Since I just started with this, until now I have been doing this in a Google doc / some spread around markdown files. I would like to have a better way of having this documentation hosted internally..
I have been playing around with local installations of rtd, gitbook and mkdocs. So far, I've liked the simplicity and customizability of mkdocs.

Any other options before I commit myself to mkdocs?

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    I believe wiki is the best tool for keeping any documentation alive. It's hosted, searchable and if anybody sees a mistake it can be corrected on the spot.
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    Yeah @ktor, I did try mediawiki a few years ago for something else but I think it's probably an (ugly-)overkill for this purpose.
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