How documentation works

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    Plot twist: the cat is the one who's selling the couch
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    @Coffe2Code was going in the same direction ;)

    Thats not a pet, thats the home owner, the others are just servants :P
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    @Voxera owned a cat and totally can relate
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    I think the owner already realised and accepted that the cat doesn’t think of him/her as its owner.
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    Job listings...

    Best practice programming... we use TDD... well-documented REST API... healthy lunches and fruit baskets...

    "Sir, the fruit basket is empty and there is cat hair all over the API"
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    That is not a lie as long as the cat is alone. pet != pets
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    @hjk101 Your clients/product managers must hate you.

    "You stated that the user must be able to create a document. So they can create exactly one document"
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    @bittersweet that is how the Single UNIX Specification was born. *Each user* can upload his/her own separate document, the system is flexible like that.

    All pun aside I always ask about cardinality/plurality it has can have impact on the architecture. Conversations are what prevent misinterpretations like that. Note that it goes for the other way around too. Being able to do multiple actions can be highly undesired.
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    @dontbeevil basically..
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    I am thinking, “use to be white”
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    @Coffe2Code you do not own a cat, you graciously offer it to stay in your house to be worshipped :P
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