Why the fuck isn't that center line on that road not centered? Irritating the fuck out of me. Who chooses such an image to promote anything?

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    People are evil
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    Because it is on the edge...badum tss
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    No thanks!! I'm good
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    Microsoft can't even do that correctly..
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    It is centred. The white line on the outside edge of the road may denote a hazard. If you look closely at it, the tarmac ends beyond the white line at a roughly equal distance to the opposing side of the road.
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    I don't get it. Looks centered to me
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    Everyone knows the line in the middle of the road is off centre at corners.

    It's because traffic going around the inside track tends towards being pushed outwards at the outside track due to the Coriolis force, and thus a risk of hitting traffic coming the other way, so they make the lane a little wider.

    Now, this issue is hemisphere based, so in the Southern hemisphere it must be the other way around, and wider on the outside track.

    Only at the equator are both lanes equal..

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    Incidently, you can fix the issue with monitors by turning them upside down if they are the wrong type for your area.
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    This spelling. Outsourcing gone wrong.
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    It seems, you download this image from devRant 😋
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    @Nanos 🤔😃🤔
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