Hey Fellows. I'm about to buy a new keyboard because my current one decided to say goodbye today. But I'm not sure which one i should take. My current favourite is "Das Keyboard 4 Professional".

What Keyboards are you guys using and why ?

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    Repairable ?

    Sometimes I'd wear a key out and swap it with a less used one..

    But then, my keyboard was like 30 years old. :-)

    I use a Rii K63c now, its cheap, backlit, USB, mechanical switches, no numberpad, and the \ is on the right and not the left..
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    Unless you need backlighting, Das Keyboard is most likely the best choice. It's incredibly comfortable and basically indestructible.
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    I use Das keyboard 4.
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    I'm using some noname keyboard that does have a numpad and buttons for volume and mute and at the same time does not waste 2cm in each direction with a useless plastic border.
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