How to exit this bus?!

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    Ok I'm going to be the first and say it.

    This are getting annoying.
    Just as are the random pictures of rubber ducks, windows update screens, windows blue screens and sudo bars

    We fucking get it, it's not interesting anymore

    Edit: Nothing against you personally so dont take this wrong. Just getting sick of seeing the same shit over and over 😄
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    You're right friend, but there are still some people who like them (and probably you may notice by number of ++s). You may just walk away from something that is not interesting for you or even give it a - - . May be that is how we live today at real life and social networks.
    Anyways I found this truth that using F words here at devRant brings more likes to author (just look at best rants of week) and a funny cartoon brings reactions like this for us.
    Sometimes I see things that are nothing to do with me, they are not interesting at this time for me but I just scroll down to the next, maybe a new guy in Dev and IT world just found it funny and wanted to share it for other people like himself.
    Anyways smile my friend and don't make it personal, #justsaying ;)
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    You have to escape it :]
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    @mshokoohi Oh well, just my 2 cents.
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