Playing Civilization on my dad's 386 running Windows 3.11.

I remember installing various games from like 8 floppy disks each. What really confused me was that in every single game I installed, the language was really weird and I could hardly understand half of it. Always asked myself why the hell every single game developer put the same horrible German-ish fantasy language full of errors in their games.

It was much later that I realized I've always been setting the language to Dutch, thinking it was German ("Deutsch"). Yeah, my English skills were horrible back then.

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    Oh also, that machine had a "turbo" button for when shit was about to get serious. It would boost the CPU clock speed up to rediculous 33 MHz. The fans really had to work hard to keep the CPU cool. Shit sounded like the computer was about to fly to the moon, you could really FEEL THE TURBO (tm).
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    Ehehe, maar door je fout heb je wel nederlands geleerd :-)

    Welkom op DevRant!
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    @nhll eehm... The turbo button slowed down your CPU so that old games (depending on a certain CPU speed) still worked on newer machines
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    I also made the dutch / deutsch error so many times... I get you man.

    The good part is when you finally get to notice that kind of mistake, you don't do it anymore because you rembember. I mean... most of the time ^^
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    @Renze I think he knows that. Sarcasm
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    Oh god, the memories ^^
    I was playing the sh## out of »that« game civilisation 1.
    I really loved this game.

    On my very first try,I was like.
    Ok. I have a settler and there are so many unoccupied spaces around my first city.
    So, over the time, I built a clusterfuck of citys.
    9 citys 3x3. I was so confused that none of the cities, done well.
    Finally a buddy of mine told me.
    Noooo... those citys need the surrounding fields to do their stuff.
    Mind...... BLOWN!!!
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    @Renze what, really? No, I never knew that. I'm certain that, on that particular machine, the fans went apeshit after the button was pressed, so I just assumed the clock speed was increased. Why in the hell would they call it turbo if it makes your CPU slower?
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    @TylerDDevRant haha that's hilarious! Interesting strategy, just flood the world with cities. But I can imagine it wouldn't work to well.

    The game really was awesome and it layed the foundation for one of the most legendary game series ever.

    You could only control it with the keyboard, iirc. Did you know you could move your units diagonally with the PGUP, PGDN, END, etc. keys?

    Also the game came with this huge book full of answers to questions of some kind. At least that's how I remember it. During the first few hours of playing after installation, the game would suddenly start asking you random questions and you had to look up the answers in time to prove that you had a legal copy of the game. Can anyone confirm this? My memory is a bit cloudy.
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