I'm a paid IT professional and I buy courses from udemy. It's because I suck.

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    It's because you want to improve.
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    As (Dev) ops guy, I'm doing the same. No shame on that
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    I'm a student and I take courses on Coursera, it's because the education system sucks.
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    I have a PhD and I sell courses on Udemy. Work is kind of tight right now.

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    If I was an employer, I would rather hire an IT professional who takes courses regularly than someone who claims to already be an expert in every area and have nothing to learn.
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    @eArshdeep imma check out your course. You have a link?
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    @Olverine good to know there are guys like you.
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    @th31 the shit they tell you at academe
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    I only wait for coupons and get courses for free.
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    @andyhwl wait. You get free coupons? How!?
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    @junners search 'free udemy coupons'
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