So accidentally deleted all of the data on my HDD including the OS I was building... But I didn't commit the changes to GitHub so now I'm stuck trying to rebuild it... Fucking cunt!

And now I'm back in a rut of wanting to code but have no idea what to do, all the games I start I end up abandoning

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    My 30 year career is littered with the remains of projects that I've started and abandoned along the way. Don't worry about them - they're learning experiences.
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    @IceFreak2000 yeah but I wish I could just see something through to the end :-/

    Been programming for 8 years and have nothing to show for it except a hard coded software portal web page :-/
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    @lxmcf what are your interests?
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    @infiniteloops I don't know to be honest :-/
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