Is it okay to be bad at JavaScript in 2018?

Really freaking hate my JavaScript skills and infinitely long list of frameworks

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    Try to understand how JS works and follow the docs. Stop jumping around from a hype train to another because you'll be lost, annoyed and stressed. Instead use the tools you need when you need.
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    @Draedus And yes. It's ok to be bad until you git gud.
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    @Draedus man i’ve been coding JS for 2 years now and i wouldnt even consider myself to be good...
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    @dotPy As freelancer, hobbyist or you have real work experience? If you're freelance/hobbyist don't despair. Try to land an entry level / junior position at a medium company / agency.
    If you're working in an agency / company than try to find something else better for you.

    I have 3 years experience in a small company ( 6 members ) and I'm still considering myself entry level / junior and I'm planning my leave. I am the only experienced JS guy and trust me... Is bad really bad. You need to land a job where you feel stupid, useless, noob because only then you'll learn more. Don't worry to much about this. 2 years is not much you can still change things, learn things.
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    Fuck frameworks. Learn JavaScript. Practice writing JavaScript code. This site has good puzzles to solve using JavaScript for beginners
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    I coded vanilla JS for 5 years untill I got comfortable picking up a framework (react ♥️)
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    Learn pure JS, dont touch frameworks until you can do the language itselfe.

    Also this book series will teach you all the things you need.

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