Ever visit a site/web app that's so bad you want to build them a new one for free?

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    oh yes. regretting not going through with it. I had a Chinese fast-food store as a neighbour when I was a student with a horrible website. I had a plan to offer them a free website against a couple of free meals.
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    More times than not those ugly sites were proudly built by the business owner and they will turn into a client from hell the minute you take on the project, free or paid.
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    government sites r horrible
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    Site of my college..
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    Good god yes!
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    All my government's websites are abysmal, wish I could just make them all pro-bono.
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    I try to forward them to sales to offer them a site revamp package.
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    My school's portal... Literally did it for Year 11 software development class...
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    @manrock007 going against the Reddit gods... That's a bold move, Cotton!
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    @bleestein well people may not like it, but it's the truth.. Do not get me wrong, I love reddit so much that I'm making an app for it. But the website is a mess with no sense of UX at all
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    Take a Ball, man
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    For the Union Public Service Commission in India. I was once checking exam results, for the list of 40 or so exams, they used the default hyperlink blue on cyan background. In addition it was a vertical marquee.
    I went to Devtools to make it readable. I also wanted to kill that moron who made it.
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    Yes, our website! 😱
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    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for eye-bleeds, brain damage or death caused by the viewing of this website.
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