Having one of those moments when I question why I am a dev and why the world is such a shithole.

Fucking ears ringing and stomach doing summersaults from stress.

I hope SpaceX discovers alien life so I can go with them!

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    Man, your health is more important than anything. Money comes and goes, your health doesn't. Is this an issue with management or a team communication issue?
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    @ymas No I am actually in an ok company at the moment. They're definitely not perfect but they are ok.

    I have been treated unfairly by previous employers and trying to help them usually ended up with me being the "bad guy".I have worked my ass off only to find everyone wants something more/different all the time so... Why bother?

    Been working since 23 (28 now) and my pay hasn't increased substantially (I haven't stuck with a company for over 2 years) and I am still living with my parents.

    Sister's studying away from home and my mother will need an operation at some point in the future (not life threatening but an operation nontheless).

    So..yeah... There are times when it gets overwhelming...
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    That's a smorgasbord of stress right there. At least I'm glad your work environment is good. When things go wrong, almost everyone likes to pass the blame. Everyone is stressed and so things are said and deeds are done. The fact you're trying to help previous employers shows good will on your part, if they're not prepared to show any gratitude for that then just let them be. You can't help people who don't want to help themselves. The markets will deal with them. Hope you mother has a full and speedy recovery and best of luck to your Sis.
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    @ymas thank you just writing about it has helped... Hopefully I can get to sleep soon...

    Gonna go cold turkey on caffeine - sugar as of tomorrow since those really don't help stress and finally start using the year-long subscription of Fitbit coach I've paid for :P
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