Its been 1 month and still no reply from my university IT department after i inforned them the login was transmitting usernames and passwords unencrypted over http and that the password field was case-insensitive for some fucking reason.

Might have to break out the sniffer and setup a script to automatically email them different students account details until they fix it, i should cc the dean 😂

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    Its impossible for me to prevent my own account crom being hacked if they refuse to fix it, i doubt im the only one who has noticed on campus
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    I agree with @ignuit , they would consider you hacked the system (even though it is network) and there will be hell to pay.. 😪😪
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    My university does that as well, the reasoning they gave is "the students don't change their default password anyway, so no rush." Been this way for at least 3 years now 🙄
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    My uni has a broken https implementation and sqlinjection vulnerabilities.

    Their excuse: "There's no financial data so no need to fix"

    Ps. I stopped caring about them for a while now.
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    ggwp no re
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    Id just simply refuse to use their system as long as its not fixed. I can be very stubborn
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    Good luck passing your exams
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    @simpleJack i skipped english exam because i refuse to speak english to people who is danish just like me
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