Does anyone have any helpful tips for developing in react native for Android? Because I'm entirely frustrated with how long it takes to make negative progress.

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    What do you mean with 'negative progress'?
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    I'm on a wonky wifi network due to security... So to test I have to publish to expo, and it doesn't always seem to refresh properly when viewing it on my device. So sometimes when I come back to work on the code and it no longer works, and I have to backtrack
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    @frogkid33 Two things to keep in mind with Expo:

    * WiFi has to be stable, and on the same network as the dev machine for reliability (which you're aware of),
    * Remove the Expo application from the device/emulator with each new work session and let the compiler install it for you.

    Those two (admittedly) repetitive steps help me stay on track. Otherwise, working with vanilla React-Native is relatively hassle free.
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    Step 1: dont
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