So we had this research paper competition in our college on Nascent technology. Legit 5 groups spoke on VR or AR. I asked two or three groups the same question about the application of VR in disabled people. None of them knew. One girl literally tried to explain to me how VR can be used for the blind. And everyone was like whaaaaaat.

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    The VR/AR hype has calmed down some. Currently the main hype is Crypto currencies. But you go back about 6 years or so and the hype was the cloud. I'm going to quote Erlich Bachman on this one:

    "Nobody understands it but VCs will hurl money at you." (Not word for word but shhhh.) That quote basically applies to every trendy thing in tech: AR/VR; Crypto currencies; the Cloud (used to be a big one); and so on.
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    @jhh2450 Ikr. But its not even about the hype. People have a totally wrong idea about it.
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    @anisha123t the "blind" part draws my attention
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