Finally no more xcode at work :D
But now I have to work with React Native, still a better thing to work with than Ionic 1 + Angular .-.

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    You will probably still need xcode with react native. Not much, but enough to make you want to murder the developers who created it.
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    @ryanmhoffman True, but at least most of the project is done without XCode and it is good enough for me

    @ebourgess if it is up to me I'd go full native and fuck all those Ionic, React, hybrid shit
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    @ebourgess more stable :S Lets hope in this case React doesn't throw errors on me, too bad client forced us to use it or else I'd go full native and avoid all that
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    @ebourgess I totally agree with ionic thing, I'm not against hybrid but it is not something reliable in my opinion
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    @ebourgess 87% are web devs? From where did he get that?
    Anyways Facebook did not create react to make Google and Apple get more money, I don't think that is their primary goal (or even in their goals list)
    They made it for their own inhouse use, but having it open source will help fix a lot of bugs in it without having to pay that much on maintenance.
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    @ebourgess but that survey doesn't cover ALL devs, in the world, it is majority of who participated in that survey are web devs IMO
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