Shits so frustrating at the moment, how do people cope with this all at once I’m juggling 3 projects at work, I’m still on an apprenticeship, I’m behind on my coursework which some of it is beyond me and I don’t know who to turn to for help, pls fml

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    I just read your other rants. I believe it comes down to how much you need the job vs how much you can take the shit. I was very unhappy in one job. The PM would check in on me almost every other hour asking what I was doing. I had panic attacks every time the phone rang or Slack notification popped up. I quitted over the phone in six months since I started even though it was my first job ever, and I would have been unemployed. We negotiated and agreed to have the PM step back and have another sr. developer manage me instead.
    What I want to say is, if you think that job is not worth all the pressure you are taking, go find another. However, if it only puts you to the edge, just hang in there. All these growing pains will be worth more than bitcoins when you look back. It's hard when you are in the middle, but they will all pass eventually, one way or another.
    Some advices that you might have read already - time/task management, break down your projects, prioritize and plan them.
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    Write down all you have to do. If it is not over an A4 sheet, you will learn that "hey it is not that bad".

    And then try to work on one item after another. When you work on an item, just think about that item alone. Forget the rest.
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