There have been a lot of talk about job requirements, degrees, salaries, education, and all the misunderstanding, disagreement, entitlement, and feelings of being treated unfair in any and all ways — so I give this perspective to the discussion: https://twitter.com/DetVarSjovIGaar...

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    What if your University is fucking up? 🤔
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    @JKyll that's a calculated risk that companies apparently accept — and the reason some universities are rated and viewed as 'better' ;)
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    @Flygger well I don't really care about the reasons, I just want that piece of paper that states I'm able to waste my time listening to useless babble while learning and developing serious solutions, i.e work.
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    You can fuck up quite a bit in college and get away with it. Not so much in production.

    Real projects > paper. Always.
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    A lot of fucking up going on
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