- be me
- get home hook laptop up to tv, realise you left your wireless mouse at work *fuck*
- remember you still have a wireless keyboard and are pretty handy with shortcuts *duh*
- use keyboard magic, launch Netflix and play the show you want to watch *yay 🎉*
- realise the fucking cursor is over the play bar so you have to get up anyway. *fuck*

These days keyboard shortcuts can only take you so far.

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    Leaving your mouse at work: minor frustration

    Realising the rant you typed about it on your phone is valid markdown: priceless
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    @kurtr was thinking the same. Lol. On that note should we request the markdown support in this app? 🤔🤔🤔
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    @yendenikhil it's been requested hundreds of times, pretty sure if you search you'll find @dfox mention why it's not feature.
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    There's a keyboard shortcut to turn your number pad into a mouse controller :p
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    @FMashiro assuming you're on mac
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    @tbodt nope, works on windows too.
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