Oriented Object design class today, introducing inheritance with squares-rectangles and circles-ellipses.

No don't do that.

It's the worst example ever. It does not work. Just no, stop

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    Story of my fucking life
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    It really annoys me how many of the typical textbook examples for OOP are just wrong and completely ignore the unmaintainable mess they'd create if taken seriously.
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    Ah the old Rectangle/Square problem. Confusing bug waiting to happen.
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    @d3vnu11 I agree, they should at least teach the 3 major paradigms (Structured/OO/Functional) and what actually separates them from eachother. Being asked what OOP is and just saying “Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism” isnt good enough. 2 of those things can be done easily enough in non-OO languages like C. New devs need to know what it is that actually makes it OO.
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