It happened during my campus placement.

My friend was working in the company and he too had come for the interviews. So when I walked into the interview room and saw him, we both acknowledged that we knew each other so the coordinator had my panel changed. The interview went well enough and the interviewer liked me. However when the results were announced my name wasn't there. I was really depressed. Just thought I could never get a job and all that.

Then my friend calls me a week later and tells me because of the mix up during changing the panel, even though i had cleared the round, was not in the final list.
This really was one of the worst moments.

I must come clean as my friend was able to get me another interview and obviously this time I had to blow it. I literally just went blank. I got my first question wrong and after that it just went down hill.

Now that I think about it I'm not sure which interview would be my worst interview story :p

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