Question; if you've got a team member who's been phoning it in during the last few sprints and their inattention causes extra work for others, what do you do?

- Have a private word directly one to one.
- Say nothing but bitch amongst yourselves
- Complain to the team lead
- Call them out during a daily standup and tell them they're producing shit.

Any opinions?

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    I think you should talk to him first 🤔 Depending on his reaction you can take further steps later on like the other things you have mentioned or like punching him in the face or something similar 🙂
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    A private word is always better when dealing with people.
    If it doesn't work on him, you might take your complaint to the manager, CTO, or whoever is managing your team.
    No dev should bear the work of a lazy fellow.
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    His behavior is shit no doubt but maybe he has a good reason for this so I would talk to him first in private
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