Alright, well done SpaceX

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    The Stig breaks car speed records
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    @endor I do think it has missed the landing platform or fell over. It's definitely lost. Neither Musk nor SpaceX mention something on their Twitter. But is has been a successful mission nonetheless.
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    @fuckwit well, then show us the spaceXplosion, or spaceXcubadiving, we want the fire
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    A suitable caption to the image:
    "That's it, I'm out'a here"
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    @Argentus there is no video but I've seen a mention of a "Rapid Unexpected Disassembly". Meaning yeah it went boom. Would have liked to see that tbh
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    @fuckwit I think they surely have a video, unless the whole ship went down. Where have you seen that mention ?
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    @Argentus I can't seem to find that again. But there is an article on the Verge (I don't rally like them but hey they have an article)
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    Except in a few hundred years when an earth car with a spaceman driving it crashed into some alien city.

    And they decide to come and kick earths ass.
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    @SSDD A few hundred years?!

    Maybe a few hundred million 😂
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    Today's car, tomorrow's junk. Space junk is already a problem, thanks to spaceX, we are now capable to deliver more junk into space which serve no purpose
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    @sunfishcc Would not make a difference whether they use a car or some bricks as load.
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    @sunfishcc it was the first test launch of that rocket, so they needed an expendable test payload. This customary for all new rockets (not just SpaceX's).

    Typically, companies use a big load of bricks (literally) since they're cheap and expendable.
    But, with SpaceX being SpaceX, they decided to use a Tesla instead.

    As for space junk, what you may be referring to is stuff in orbit around the Earth - which this car isn't, so it won't be much of an issue. Pretty sure a random Tesla lost in the void of the solar system won't matter much, in the grand scheme of things.
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    @PrivateGER @endor Oh, come on! at least a Mars rover. This makes no sense
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    @sunfishcc It's a test flight! A rover would cost millions.
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    Millions? BILLIONS!
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