My problem with a lot of free resources/class assignments is we're being forced to make useless shit. For instance, an interactive textbook we use has some stupid fucking turtle assignments.

Why not make it something relevant? One of the first things i ever made was a Fahrenheit to Celcius converter. That's a real world application, since not many can calculate that math in their head.

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    Every single time I go through a non web related tut that has me drawing shit or making piramids I automatically discard it and go to something else.

    At one time I had to learn VB.net. I have no issues with the language really, I actually like it. But every single fucking textbook is about making guis and i fucking hate that
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    @AleCx04 I just think it's pointless to teach us something without real world applications. Like I get you're trying to teach the basics for everyone to learn but fucking hell just make it relevant. I highly doubt I'm going to go into a job interview one day and they're going to sit me down and ask me to do that fucking turtle assignment. No. They're going to ask me to do something that's actually usable and realistic.
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    @jhh2450 hahaha. No. In the coding challenge part of the interview, they are going to ask you to write something inane like the turtle assignment (whatever that is), not something realistic
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