Can't express how happy and grateful I am in words.

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    Yeah, congratulation :)
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    Although I'd rather hang myself than having anything to do with google, congratulations my man!

    May you learn a lot 😉
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    Hope I'll get in too, but gotta wait until February 14th to get confirmation 😅
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    My round finished today , you will enjoy it , good luck!
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    Ohh you wouldn't I know bastard 😅
    As much as I love learning about privacy and security and hate how might they can use data if they want to. But they're one of finest company in the world to learn from.and it's only happens in our tech community that there is always some big company giving real opportunity to learn more. And I never will let go that opportunity no matter which company it is offering. Hey I bet you know cybrary.it ! Did you finished any cours there ? @linuxxx
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    Hey congratulations man
    I got selected too 😅
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    @linuxxx that was some advice!!
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    @Thewebdev Nope haha, have a long forgotten account 😅
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    Is that your real name?
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    Good luck!
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