Why the hell are they teaching Python for web backend purposes at my school??? PHP ist just faster, needs less ressources and looks syntacially like a beast.

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    Whichever language you pick, there's always a better alternative for the given task, the task being learning here.
    If I'd been introduced to web dev through. Python instead of PHP, I might not have struggled as much as I did with MVC's.
    BTW PHP is my de factor language.
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    @d3vnu11 i disagree, not having a set of specific rules can be hard for a newbie. maybe theyll make their first program easier, but they wont understand it well. its overly abstract for anyone who wants to learn anything.
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    I have yet to see anything that works faster than perl + redis for the web.
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    Wow! What are you building that needs to be more performant than Instagram, or Dropbox? 😉

    Really, though, there are lots of good tools for back end web. Pick the right tool for your job.

    What makes Python a particularly good choice is when you want to serve web page AND do anything else. Want to do machine learning on the back end? Computer vision?

    Your teachers had to pick some language, and they went with one that is versatile enough to do server, web, data science, desktop... Doesn't seem like such a terrible choice for teaching.
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