This is annoying

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    The oil? Mine is like that too. My trackpad is even worse than my keyboard. :/
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    @Michelle i think he means the fn key being switched with the ctrl key. i dont know about you, but in the us most keyboards have ctrl on the bottom left and he probably presses fn by accident
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    Excuse the messy keyboard.

    I live in the US but mine is like that.
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    @Michelle lol what, I've never seen that before. All keyboards I've seen have the fn to the right of the spacebar
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    Mac layout has Fn to the left of ctrl.
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    Most if not all Lenovo Thinkpads have it like this
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    All recent thinkpads (almost all I think) are like that, some have an bios option to swap it, for others there are hacked bios with control and fn swapped.
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    @calmyourtities just got a new ThinkPad and that key placement is sooooo annoying.
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    We got those in school :S Why the hell would they break the standard by crippling the generally approved keyboard layout? I mean everyone can use whatever layout they want, but at these public places, including the aforementioned school, unification is useful IMO.
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    Switch in BIOS but not fisically... I really hate this kind of keyboard :S
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