I bought a new carbon fiber bike (I am into cycling the last two years) and it is fantastic. Lightweight, it feels responsive as hell and really easy to sprint on. BUT, I am fucking sick and I can't ride it to train... All I can do for now is looking at it. FML.

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    I am always thinking about if it would be possible to bicycle touring and programming togheter (some freelancer stuff,...)? Making money while traveling around the earth is such a great idea. I am watching bicycling touring pro youtube channel and he is making videos while traveling so I guess it is possible. Not related to you rant but still :)
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    @Floydian haha create a company? 😂
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    I saw the words "lightweight", "responsive" and "easy", and thought this was going to be a pun about a front end web library or something lol
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    @Braed Bikers are pretty “agile” as well. He also mentions “sprint”.
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    @Braed @dj-doMains LOL! 😂🤣
    It was a good opportunity that I did not take advantage of. Shame on me!
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    Tour de Code?
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    @Kekica @Floydian That would be awesome! Or a company that "embraces" you take care of your body, by making go to work by bike, running etc. Or organizing group events. That would be SUPERB!
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    @DenRand @Floydian I must fix my knee first then I am ready to go. I really like the idea about company on the wheels but I am skeptical about realization. Internet and electricity are the main problems here. Imagine calling our clients that we cant deliver product on time becuase our laptops have no battery left to deploy 😂 it would be awesome but I think its just an idea.
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