The day I decide to learn Ruby will be the day I discover it can be used it for something interesting other than Rails

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    It's a general great scripting language with beautiful syntax.
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    For general scripting I find ruby way nicer to type than python or bash.
    The only thing I don't like is the gem management if you don't have bundler installed
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    @PrivateGER Oh the syntax is such a turn off for me... coming from C++, C#, Java
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    @Timay Excuse me, WHAT?
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    @PrivateGER Everybody loves Ruby for its syntax but I absolutely hate it... its weird
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    @Timay W-why do you not like it
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    @PrivateGER I can decide to use or not use parentheses??

    Like I have to make up my mind about that too?

    Automatic returns???


    There’s too many ways to do one thing...

    Should I go on?

    I’d take python any day...
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    @Timay That all is actually pretty useful, you know.
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    Ever looked up one liners in Ruby?
    Also ever had to do any operation for two arrays, intersection, union etc, too easy to do in Ruby than python.
    Irb is my calculator for anything. I find it super easy and handy.
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    I use Ruby for everything, not just web development. It's truly blissful to code in.
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    Is it really that hard? Doesn’t seem like it.

    list(set().union(a, b, c))


    list(set.intersection(*[set(i) for i in [a, b, c]])
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    @rhubarbcode Compare that to:

    a + b + c


    a & b & c
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    Thanks @root
    Precisely this, why write so much!
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