Okay, great!

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    At least it tells you how to recover from it, instead of just saying the obvious, " something went wrong"
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    @lotd yeah, that's really nice actually.
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    Almost everything felt broken, games didn't want to launch either. Rebooting helped. I just thought it was a funny message.
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    @lotd that's a user space error. The equivalent of a BOSD is a kernel panic. Show me how you recover from that.
    I rate this comment 10 out of 10 ShitComms.
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    @Jop- hmm? I thought windows hat "Something went wrong" on their BOSD since Windows 10?
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    @Kimmax i know.
    Why so negative?

    Well, i have never actually looked much into recovering from kernel panic.
    I havent had to deal with any, that i couldnt get around by selecting another kernel or by blacklisting some module... Which in hindsight may not be the smartest choice, but eh.

    If the module is something essential to the os, like.. duno, filesystem.
    Then chrooting from a live system and recompiling / installing the kernel & registrering with the boot loader may be warranted. I Guess.

    The module is usually visible in the stack it spews om panic..

    If not, i guess it would be wise to test the hardware.
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    @Kimmax plz sir, it's BSoD for Blue Screen of Death
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    @jAsE it's the first time I see this though
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    @SuwakoMmh that must be it, I just did some updates. Some qt programs didn't work properly anymore either.
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    @VTCoder of course it is. Didn't noticed that my phone kept autocorrecting it back. Ty
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    @Kimmax Oh okay, that really confused me. Now it makes more sense.
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