Several years ago, I interviewed for a popular site and it was the only one of the many interviews I did that suffer that did Google-style whiteboard problems and nobody peppered me. I didn't recall the optional way to reverse a linked list right there and then. I think I came up with the right solution and failed to communicate it well.

When we got done, I could feel their eyes trying to burn holes in me for wasting their time.

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    Why on God's green earth somebody wants you to reverse a linked list? They should have asked you a problem that you need to know when to reverse a fucking linked list. It becomes more insufferable each and everyday.
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    @uriandwubber I think the main reason these kinds of algorithm interviews exist are to basically determine whether fresh CS grads were good at being CS students.

    That and make sure you're willing to play stupid games and memorize solutions and then pretend you are coming up with the answers in front of them. Plus it's easy to say conclusively whether or not it was the answer they were looking for.
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