Yes its completely necessary to have a spring server with a mysql database with docker containers all over your ass for 3 fucking endpoints and a (url, varchar, varchar) schema. Fuck you. How the fuck do i run all this shit and how do you expect me to create a frontend for something that has no documented endpoints?? Fuck you.

In other news, im now a senior.

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    This is specially great considering how much you already loooooooooove spring
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    @AleCx04 at this point id rather just rewrite the whole thing myself tbh
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    @BindView i feel for you. I do like Spring but I came into the Spring game late af and thus I am used to Spring Boot. It makes certain things simpler really but I can see how it could be annoying on a legacy product. Specially with all of them juicy xml config files man. Right now it seems that the S Boot community is fixing on Jaa config files which make things a bit easier if they all rest upon the repo pattern.
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