Are there any Objective-C programmers out there? What's it like to program in? Does it combine the best parts of C and Smalltalk into the ultimate expression of programming language design? Or is it an unholy abomination?

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    Forget Objective-c unless you will be maintaining/working on large scales projects already implemented.

    Swift is the future.

    Obj-c is nice to know, but all Apples docs have now been updates to include both Obj-c and swift so learn swift my friend.
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    @Wabby It's out of personal interest rather than professional. Nobody programs in Objective-C in my town.

    I'm just interested in programming languages much the same way that a GNU/Linux addict distro hops.
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    I'd go for "abomination". My short time learning it manifested itself with me looking at the manual between the fingers of my hand that was stuck to my forehead.
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    It's weird, but not terrible once you get used to it. Apple made it pretty useful with classes, properties, protocols (interfaces), Grand Central dispatch, and easy multithreading.
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