GoLang or Python?

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    Golang all the way, no taking care of indentation
    Type safety all the way, with effective goroutines and safety
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    @byte ok that's one's view, how about the current industry usage, is Go used more than python?
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    Golang, definitely! Goroutines are really useful and you get really good standard libraries
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    @ashishrn96 Go is getting there, there are some areas of forte for each language.
    But the areas which coincide, Go can easily school Python.
    The goroutines are lightweight threads and the channels make using them very easy.
    The syntax is very easily understood, can resemble Python with curlies '{', '}'. And as I said earlier no indentation problems.
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    Definitely Go could be improved. They really need something like generics
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    @zacg Don't use that taboo word, blissful ignorance is the way to Go. (Pun intended)
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    @byte I know, and I think generics like in C++ would ruin the simplicity. But we do need something along those lines
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    @zacg That's a much needed feature, it's what made me switch away from the language. But Go is my goto language to prototype things, it's way better than any dynamic language I know
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    @byte tbf, in most cases you can pretty much just use interfaces instead
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