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    Should’ve been “Microsoft ate my GitHub repository” 😂
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    @Jameslikestea microsoft ate everyone's repository :p
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    Well, google actually ate my gitlab repos
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    If only universities used Github instead of making me email my zipped source code...
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    @nanoandrew4 That would be nice, but then there's the possibility of students cheating.

    Of course you could also argue that the professor could check the commit history, but then you could also change commit history too... sooo.

    In the end easier to just have a zip file where the likelihood of cheating is less
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    @iSwimInTheC GitHub gives students private repos free, I actually made a couple during my time in uni (not uni related tho). Add the prof to the project and you're golden.

    No cheating for anyone! And you get to learn source control too 😇
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    git reset --hard HEAD~100
    git commit --amend -m 'ARF ARF HUNGRY'
    git push -f
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    My Octocat ate my repo
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    Sorry mom my bug ate my dog. Wait what?
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    why did you drew a green penis on the pic though?
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    Finally someone understood
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